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We NEVER use artificial fragrances, colors or additives! All of our ingredients are plant based and we strive to use organic whenever possible. We are VEGETARIAN friendly, GLUTEN FREE and our packaging is 100% recycled.

When we started this business we knew that it was not going to be just about us and our success. IT IS MORE THAN THAT... We feel very strongly about giving back to the ones that need it most. The community at large needs to work together and lend a helping hand to our loved ones and neighbors. We live in a land of plenty and yet there are others all around us that live in desperate need on a daily basis. It is our hope and prayer that by giving back, we will inspire others to do the same even in a small way.


Heidi - CSM (Chief Soap Maker!), Owner, Mom. Heidi created the Sudsy line of companies in early 2014. Her vision has remained the same and that is to provide quality, all natural soap and body products that delight our customers. She is passionate about creating products that are ALWAYS natural and chemical free.

Shawna - A licensed esthetician with over seven years of experience working mainly in the medical spa industry. She has a love for all things natural and has been a vegetarian for more than 13 years. Her compassion for animals is why she believes in cruelty-free, all natural products.


Every month, Sudsy Box donates soap to Clean The World. This organization is dedicated to promoting hygiene in under developed regions around the world. Clean The World and Sudsy Box believe that many diseases can be eliminated by simply providing a bar of soap to families in need.

You can learn more about Clean The World at www.cleantheworld.org

The Sudsy Box Team

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